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Note: Other things equal, higher quality performances are listed first. Performances listed last might not represent true potential of the singer/band.

Random findings for October 2017

[Oct 05, 2017] Swan lake

[Oct 04, 2017] Tchaikovsky - Valse Sentimentale

[Oct 03, 2017] Itzhak Perlman

Itzhak Perlman - Wikipedia

[Oct 02, 2017] Jascha Heifetz

[Oct 01, 2017] Flight Of The Bumble Bee


[Sep 30, 2017] Random findings for September 2017

[Sep 29, 2017] Dark eyes (instrumental)

[Sep 29, 2017] Waltz Recuerdo Florido (Remembrance of the flowers) by Franchesko Rossi

Performances with Hawaiian guitar is the best

[Sep 28, 2017] Petite Fleur (Sidney Bechet)-Маленький цветок

[Sep 27, 2017] Old Russian Waltz Expectation by Herold Lavrentievich Kittler (1901г.)

[Sep 26, 2017] Tango from Soviet Russia - Bryzgi Shampanskovo, ca 1930

[Sep 25, 2017] Anatoly Solovyanenko

Ukrainian songs


[Sep 19, 2017] ВИА Пламя

[Sep 18, 2017] Anna Netrebko

[Sep 14, 2017] Nikolai Gnatyuk

[Sep 11, 2017] Joseph Kobzon

Joseph Kobzon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

[Sep 10, 2017] Larisa Dolina

[Sep 9, 2017] Yury Gulayev

Yuri Aleksandrovich Gulyayev - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

[Sep 03, 2017] Marina Devyatova

[Sep 2, 2017] Andrey Petrov

Famous Soviet composer

[Aug 30, 2017] Continued